The GEIR process, tailored to a foundation’s urgent interests and unique identity, begins with the crafting of a roster of interview questions covering overall impressions as well as specific experiences in two main areas: grantmaking practice and values. Additionally, another set of questions invites grantees to share ideas on how the foundation might improve its practice. Through this comprehensive approach, GEIR reveals both the EXPERIENCE of grantees as well as their INSIGHTS.


Confidential interviews are conducted in-person and one-on-one with up to twenty grantees. Interviews are carried out by experts with a high degree of cultural competence, knowledge of foundation and non-profit practice, familiarity with local contexts, and sensitivity to power dynamics. Whenever possible, interviews are conducted in a local language.


From start to finish, GEIR takes measures to ensure the absolute confidentiality of participating grantees while allowing them to be as frank and open as possible. The final GEIR account offers both qualitative and quantitative data on grantee experience alongside specific, actionable grantee insights.  

The cost of conducting a Grantee Experience and Insight Review ranges from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on factors including the number of grantees involved
and their location. For more information, contact us.