Graciela Hopstein

Graciela Hopstein
Chef d’Equipe du GEIR
Région: Brésil

Graciela Hopstein brings decades of experience to her role as consultant to civil society and philanthropic organizations at GIP—Public Interest Management in Rio de Janeiro. Prior to joining the GIP team, Graciela served as Executive Director at Instituto Rio, a community foundation based in Rio.

For much of her career, Graciela has worked as a consultant to social and third sector organizations, her clients including Agência 21, Instituto Dialog, Comunitas, Brazil Foundation, Elas Fund, Rio Como Vamos, and Socioambiental Fund CASA. Graciela has also worked with a range of public agencies in Brazil, including FINEP, SEBRAE, SETRAB and the Ministry of Culture, as well as with corporate clients including Vale, Shell and Energias do Brasil, this work focused especially on corporate social responsibility. Graciela’s international clients have included the Inter-American Development Bank and the Urgent Action Fund Latin America. A generalist with a wide range of skills, Graciela’s areas of strongest expertise include applied research, meeting acilitation, organizational analysis, leadership development, monitoring and evaluation, grantmaking and strategic planning. Graciela’s programmatic expertise resides especially in ocial justice, social movements and human rights.

Graciela has been active within the academic community with her PhD is in Social Policy. She worked as a researcher related to public universities (Labetc/UFRJ and LPP/UERJ) and is currently a professor of higher education in both undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Graciela has authored several books and research articles, and she is a Fellow of the 2014 Senior International Fellows Program at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York.