A foundation's effectiveness is not simply based on what  is funded: great projects, programs, and people. It is also based on how the work is funded: great policies, procedures, and practices. The Grantee Experience and Insight Review, or GEIR, was created to examine the how of grantmaking and to support the emergent practice among foundations of evaluating success based on the experiences of grantees. 

Grantmaker Practice

Through a practice component, grantees provide candid feedback on how they experience the grantmaking process, including proposal and reporting requirements, grantmaker/grantee contact, communication, and more. 

Grantmaker Values

Through a values component, grantees shine a spotlight on a grantmaker’s values, checking them against the actual experience of grantees. 

GEIR offers a unique and innovative approach to bolstering foundation effectiveness, on its own or as a complement to other grantee perception protocols. GEIR’s approach includes several important distinctions:

In-Person Interviews
While others deploy web-based surveying, GEIR gathers feedback through in-person interviews, allowing for spontaneous, organically gleaned insights that on-line surveying doesn't always enable.  

Targeted sampling
GEIR engages a small set of grantees, favoring tailored, personalized sampling over big data research. This allows for rich and detailed results and makes GEIR an accessible option for any size foundation.

Values Congruence
Along with exploring the mechanics of grantmaking, GEIR looks through the lens of values, helping to make sure that a foundation walks the walk and truly operates in the spirit within which it is grounded. 

GEIR delivers evidence-based, actionable insights to improve
foundation practice and boost effectiveness and impact.